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Matt and "Piet" almost at Eye Level

Matt Monro, known as “the Man with the Golden Voice” recorded the song “And you smiled” in 1973. This reached 28 on the UK charts, but the original instrumental version even featured on Top of the Pops in the same year. Enjoy a trip back into the early 70s with this video recording of Matt Monro, as you ponder how this relates to the Great Detectives theme.


The original instrumental music "Eye Level", written by Jack Trombey, was the theme music for the Thames TV Series "Van der Valk", starring Barry Foster as the detective Commissaris Simon"Piet"van der Valk (pictured on the right above). The Top of the Pops performance by the Simon Park Orchestra comes close to the arrangement in Second-Wind Ensemble's playlist for its Beyond the Fringe program (just ignore the string section, the harp and the beige turtlenecks).


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