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Another Aussie dream team

The author of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries crime novels is not a household name like Agatha Christie, in spite of her own international success. An Aussie, along with the composer of the theme music and the actor playing the principal role in the ABC TV series. Can you remember her name? What else do you know about this Aussie dream team?

Kerry Greenwood OAM was born in 1954, and grew up in Footscray, where she still lives today. She became a professional writer after completing a law degree and working as a criminal defence lawyer for Victorian Legal Aid. You can find a short account of an interview with the author here.


Canberra-born Greg James Walker composed the well-known theme and score for the ABC TV series. You can follow this link to immerse yourself in Greg Walker's 1920's and 1930's soundscape.

Making up the third in this talented trio is Hobart-born Essie Davis, who plays the part of Miss Phryne Fisher throughout the ABC TV series.


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