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Around the World in 80... The Wager

A gasp rippled through the opulent Reform Club. Phileas Fogg, a man of unwavering punctuality and stoicism, had just shattered the serene evening. He declared, with a glint in his usually placid eye, that a mere eighty minutes was enough to musically circle the entire globe! Scoffs turned to murmurs as Fogg doubled down, placing a staggering £20,000 wager – half his fortune – on this seemingly ludicrous feat. The room crackled with a thrilling mix of disbelief and intrigue. Could this reserved gentleman truly achieve the impossible? With a timeline meticulously laid out and his new valet, Passepartout, by his side, Fogg pledged to depart at 3 o’clock on the afternoon of the 26th of May. The clock began to tick, its relentless rhythm fuelling a frenzy of anticipation. The outlandish wager had ignited a fire – a race against time, a daring adventure that promised to rewrite the boundaries of the known musical world.


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