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Tis the season to be maritime!

The English detective Fix makes sure that things catch up with our intrepid pair in Calcutta, and they must make amends for Passepartout’s Bombay indiscretion. Phileas pursuades the judge to accept bail (2,000 pounds) instead of imprisonment and fines, and so, in the nick of time, they board the Hong Kong-bound Rangoon, a Peninsular and Oriental Company screw steamer. Three thousand five hundred miles of sea journey lie ahead of them.

"I Saw Three Ships" is a traditional (Christmas carol) tune that gives our performance a maritime theme, to accompany our characters as they sail to Hong Kong. It was originally known as “As I Sat On a Sunny Bank”, but with a wide range of melodies, as is typical for folk tunes. Eventually, it was established as the Christmas Carol we all know well. And yes, we do realise it is not actually the season for carolling...

You can compare a couple of recordings in traditional and folk styles, but nothing beats our concert band arrangement. It's still not too late to reserve your seat for Sunday 26 May at 3pm!


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