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Music from the English County with the most murders…

Everyone knows the character Inspector Barnaby and the exquisitely mysterious theme music for Midsomer Murders, but who is the composer of the theme? An accomplished oboist-composer, conductor and arranger who has won four BAFTA Awards for his other original TV theme music…

James Michael ‘Jim’ Parker (not to be confused with Jim Parker of “the Kitchen Cinq”(sic) and Nashville fame!) was born in Hartlepool, County Durham in 1934. He graduated as a silver medallist from the Guildhall School of Music. After playing oboe and cor anglais with leading London orchestras and chamber groups, he concentrated on composition and conducting. His well-regarded early work led to work in television and London’s West End musical theatres.

His accomplishments go far beyond music composition for TV, including the impressive concert work “A Londoner in New York”, which is a must-hear for wind ensemble members and enthusiasts.

Of course, the Midsomer Murders theme would not be complete without Celia Sheen's prodigious performance on the theremin.


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